"I love the lavender Body butter, it does not have a strong and over powering smell. It keeps my skin soft and moisturized, I fill a portion in my small container which you gave me as a sample and keep it with me and apply it that keeps my skin looks good. It gives you a nice relaxing smell of lavender.

I am also very happy with the Body polish and I use once a week, my dead skin cells from my legs and arms are removed, then I apply Body butter giving a soft and glowing skin."
Body Butter & Polish
"I just love Amala Botanicals products! More specifically the body scrub and whipped shea body butter! Every time I use it, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and luxurious. The scrub has done wonders with melting away all the rough and dead skin. I even use a little for my face as an exfoliant.

Hibak has done a fabulous job with formulating these products, I can't wait to try more!"
Body Butter
"Absolutely love this product. The body butter smells amazing, left my skin so soft and it lasted throughout the day. It gave my skin a glowing finish without feeling oily. I highly recommend it."
Body Butter